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.m. eastern on c-span. kentucky senator rand paul campaign for republican presidential candidate mitt romney in new hampshire. you will hear introductory remarks by the co-chair of the group, new hampshire students for mitt romney. this is about 40 minutes. >> good afternoon. i am the new hampshire chair for new hampshire students for mitt romney. i want to welcome you all here today. can get a big round of applause for senators rand paul, who will be joining us momentarily? [applause] if i could just see a show of hands -- how many people here are college students? a show of hands? and ok. this election, this election is about our future, about what kind of a country we want to have. do we want a good job? do you want to bring down the deficit and rein in spending? we must come together. we have to work together. go to your local victory office -- get involved. make sure that in november, we send mitt romney and paul ryan to the white house and send barack obama packing back to chicago. [applause] because we will win this election, and we will get this country back on track. we do not have
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1